Personalized Gifts for Kids, Children, Baby. A portrait on canvas painted from your favourite photograph. ORIGINAL and UNIQUE IDEA!

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Printing photos to canvas

Photos on canvas - panels

Printing photos to canvas

Photos on canvas - panels


Printing photos to canvas
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Printing photos to canvas

Photos on canvas - panels

Printing photos to canvas

Photos on canvas - panels


Get your treasures photos printed on a canvas.
We create beautiful photo canvases using our state-of-the-art technology and canvas printing techniques

Photographs on Canvas

If you have a favourite and special  photo, and you don't want a painted portrait, Artycan can just print your photo on canvas. Thanks to the current technology we use  with canvas prints and specialized inkjet printers, your photos are transported to the canvas prints in a fashion similar to traditional painting, ensuring high quality images with rich vibrant colors which will most likely remain vibrant and show no color loss for many, many years.

Photography is the traditional approach to image display but now with state of the art technology to transform your image into a stunning canvas print which will last ....a lifetime. We are committed to providing you with the best quality canvas prints. Each canvas is hand stretched by us and we care about providing high quality stretched canvas.

Have you seen which are the two best preserved formats found by archeologists time and time again to look back to all of the long-lasting remnants of cultures in the world? stone and canvas.

Probably you have seen your old family photos are already fading and losing their original quality. The fact is that properties of most photo paper and the chemicals and dyes used in printing on it don't react well to long periods of exposure to light and air. Even with a properly protection, the average time it takes a photograph on paper to start losing quality is roughly six to ten years, and within twenty years noticeable overall fading has usually set in.  

Proudly display your very own canvas artwork made from your photos.

What can you do if you don't want their favorite memories to have a life of less than twenty years before they need replacement? The answer is: print photos on canvas.

Canvas pictures are a new product in the world of photography, only available since a few years ago. Today printing pictures on canvas is cheaper than ever, quicker than ever, and more used than ever. And pictures printed on canvas can last well over one hundred years before noticeable fading begins. And the best: photos to canvas can be ordered by simply uploading a digital picture in our e-mail.

The most elegant quality element of canvas prints is the texture of the canvas itself. With a rougher surface than paper and visible fibers, even ordinary pictures printed on canvas instantly look like artistic masterpieces. Whether you're printing a motivational poster for the office, or a landscape to hang above your couch in your living room, the physical texture and unique visual of canvas prints will look gorgeous.

Printing your photos on canvas is not only affordable, but is also well worth it, as your memories will assuredly last a lifetime.



Printing Only

Standard 0.75" Canvas Wrap

Gallery 1.75"
Canvas Wrap
9 x 12  $ 39 $ 59 $ 75
12 x 16 $ 55 $ 79 $ 99
16 x 20 $ 69 $ 89 $ 109
18 x 24 $ 95 $119 $ 139
20 x 24 $ 108 $139 $159
20 x 30 $ 124 $155 $179

Note: The above prices for photograph on canvas are if your photograph does not need any re-touching or digital improvement. For major re-touching digital send us details and ask for a quote. Additional discounts are available when ordering more than three canvas paintings. US$ dollars. Bar wood stretching and UV varnish protection film is included.


We all want our homes and businesses to look nicer. Whether we get new furniture, put in new carpet, paint the walls, or purchase other decorations, it's all to make the places we live and work look as good as we can make them. But why spend a fortune with expensive artworks and decorations when you can get an inexpensive canvas print?

Prints on canvas are perfect photo gifts. They can be perfect as wedding gifts, Christmas/new year gifts, new baby moments, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, father's day gifts, mother's day gifts, Valentine's day gifts, gift for grandparents, a pet owner's gift, etc.  . Also are perfect to Interior Home Decor

Elegantly decorate your living space with your own custom tiled canvas. Magnificently decorate your home with a true piece of personal art on canvas that will last for decades. Ideal for offices, condos and large walls.  We can help you to add your own personal touch an good taste  to your home

We also do split panel using 3, 4 and 6 panel canvas splits.
Contact us to create a personal masterpiece with your best photos on canvas !

We use Epson inks and Premier Art Water-Resistant Canvas to ensure beautiful, long-lasting colors for your professional prints. Minor details, restorations and brush strokes finishing are also available to give your printed image on canvas the look of a fine art oil painting. We use bright white, cotton canvas, this canvas is gloss-free with a slightly smoother texture than the gloss canvas. It offers great color saturation and contrast. This is also the best option for prints serving as under paintings.



- QUALITY: The quality of prints and photos on canvas is excellent. We have had many letters from clients telling us that our artwork paintings are far and away the best they have every seen. 

- POSSIBILITIES: We can create panels and beautiful
canvases from your prints and photos. If you have an idea, tell us about it and we can make it happen for you. Anything is possible with Artycan.

AFFORDABILITY: Our Prices of our prints and photos on canvas are the most competitive in USA, Canada and Europe.

We are located in Toronto / Barrie, Ontario, Canada. We send your Montage or CELEBRATION OF LIFE on canvas or paper by mail to USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, etc.

We can send by regular mail to USA, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming

Pay your Portrait on Canvas using PAYPAL: easy and reliable


What better way to display your family history then to use the photos from your own family album!


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